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Hi everyone,

I just figured out how to set up my very own webdav-server for syncing OF on my iMac and the iPhone using an somewhat older iBook G3 which I use as a fax server.

The steps are pretty much outlined here:

for setting up the apache-server which is part of OS X and enable SSL, since, as I read here in the forums, OF-syncing pretty much relies on using SSL. The one thing you need in addition to what's already included in OS X is here:

which includes the script.

After having done that, set up the webdav-part using this step-by-step guide:

Thats it, more or less. It's not point-and-click, however, being familiar with terminal is certainly necessary.

If my schedule permits, I will create a more straightforward guide for setting up a local webdav-server, including ssl and so on.

Why I did it this way? Well, because I wanted to know how to do it, of course.

Happy syncing