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I was wondering about the same thing, and was a bit dismayed by this thread, getting the impression it was impossible.

I just stumbled upon the quite simple solution, though: Search for the Evernote note in Spotlight/Finder, and drag the note from the Spotlight/Finder window into the note field in OF. Voilą!

The one catch is that the EN note won't show on the iPhone client, but hey.
I have been using OF with Evernote for some time. I use an application called Leap which is a file manager that great for organizing lots of files. You can browse all your files including Evernote clippings based on Spotlight results so it gives you the title of the note instead of the funky reference names you get in the finder. I browse all my Evernote clippings from within Leap and then use Clip-O-Tron to create tasks from my clippings. I can Quicklook the Evernote note from within OF and double clicking it open the note. If I want some of the content on my iPhone, I just copy and paste what I want.

You can do the same simply by searching for the EN note with Spotlight, cmd click on the file and then clip to OF.

Evernote supports applescript so I'd love it if some smart person would write a script that made a script for this.