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I've used & liked Things, and also a custom-created Outlook Task mgmt solution (custom view "GTD") with custom fields for Context & Project.
In both prior cases, part of my morning routine was to review everything in the "Now" bucket, and scan the "Next" bucket.
Critical to this was the ability to generally create / sculpt a "sort order" of priority (my "Next" bucket was generally 20-50 items, but the more pressing ones could stay at the top).
I could use "Context" views & "Projects" views against this as needed - very handy.
And this is not how OmniFocus works, which is fine, but I am left wondering constantly where to turn next.
Which is significantly bad.
I have 4 critical things to accomplish today (Sat., sitting in the office) and for the life of me, I can't find any 1 of them. I have to read through everything.
And once I find 1, not sure what to do to bring it to the top so to speak. I can flag it, and the other 3, but do I also flag the 4 less important things I'd like to keep in mind today?
Where's a "Now" or "Today" view? Or how else might I approach this? (I'm open-minded.)