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Yeah, I think OF is the wrong tool for the job here. It is not a multi-user collaboration tool at present and if you're delegating 160 tasks a day it's probably best if you can directly assign tasks.
I appreciate what you're saying CatOne. However, OmniFocus adds immense value to our workflow and I can't think of any other product that would do a better job.

OK, it isn't the end of the world that we have to wait until we're at our desktops to assign actions to each other manually via OmniOutliner, I was just wondering if anyone else had come up with any kind of workaround.

I did trawl the board before posting, noting that some users have succeeded in setting up shared databases, but other Members seem to think this isn't without significant risk. I'd be interested in the pros-and-cons.

In the past, we've tried emailing tasks into each others desktop OmniFocus program using the Mail rule, but found it unreliable, even ensuring that the email doesn't have any form of attachment still doesn't seem to guarantee that it will be successfully processed.

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