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Thanks whpalmer4. I spent hours scratching my head trying to figure out why forwarded emails didn't get added, even though they appeared to be just plain text! Apple's email App on the iPhone must be applying some form of styling to the original text in a forwarded message.
The other way that the forwarded emails can fail to get added is if the desktop mail client isn't the first mail client to touch them. For example, suppose you send an email from an iPhone to an account that is read on both the iPhone and the desktop. Suppose you have that desktop machine set up to suck emails into OmniFocus. My experience is that the email won't make it to OF, because the iPhone touches the incoming message first and that prevents the script from running for the incoming message on the desktop.

It seems like the reliable solution is to ensure only plain-text messages, sent to an account that is only read on the desktop.


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