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I'm a total GTD newbie; I have read the book (some months ago) and OmniFocus has rekindled my enthusiasm to use the method again.

Now I find the hierarchal contexts very intuitive, but unfortunately projects don't quite seem to work that way.. there are no hierarchical projects!?

You seem to be able to organize projects into folders, but they seem to have little organizational usefulness because they lack "due dates", contexts, completion flags and pretty much anything.

As a software developer I have:

* a number of software products
* a number of typical activities for each product
* a bunch of versions

So it would be handy to organize things into: "Product A : version 8.0 : Programming", "Product B : version 6.5 : Website", etc.. and organize my projects in that manner.

Unfortunately it looks like that can't really be done because projects aren't hierarchical.. how does one get around that limitation? Or am I totally missing the point?