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Try this.

Set the task to repeating,
set a start date
in the info panel, make sure the task is set to repeat based on assigned date.

Show the View panel (menu->view->show view bar) or (click on the glasses icon so they are open) or (shift + command + V)

Change the "Show Actions With Status" filter to Available. (It's the third filter from the right).

Now when you click the task, the start date will move to the next start date and the task will disappear from OmniFocus until tomorrow.

The only caveat with setting a task to repeat based on assigned date is, if you miss a couple days, you have to keep completing the task to catch it up.

If the task is set to repeat based on completed date, it will never change the start date to be more than the current date (tomorrow).

I have a widget that will skip over repeating tasks that are set to repeat on assigned date. The widget automatically catches a task up to the first start date in the future.

If you want to give it a shot...
There is a manual on the page as well.

Hope this helps.