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(One can, of course, use script to sort the pop-up listing itself ...)
Tests with a simple file show columns sorting, mostly as I would expect. Oddly, I find the script non-functional; other Applescripts found here work OK.

Perhaps my confusion stems from the terse, and I think, incomplete coverage of sorting in the User Guide.

Isn't there an inherent override of one column sort over another, even with Keep Sorted? If hierarchic sorting is supported, that is not explained in the User Guide.

Am I missing something, or is this the complete text:
There are two main ways to sort rows in your outline; both of them are available from the Reorganize menu.

You can use the Keep Sorted submenu to set rules for sorting your whole document. The rules continue to be in effect, automatically sorting each row you create, until you turn them off. A small triangle icon will appear by the sorted column’s title to indicate the sorting direction. You can temporarily turn off sorting by selecting Reorganize ‣ Keep Sorted ‣ Postpone Sorting.
• Pro feature
OmniOutliner Professional can follow multiple sorting rules which are honored in the order you set them.
Sort Selected Rows will sort only once and then leave your rows alone.