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Only hitch is that Mac OF only syncs 1x/hr.
It's only 1x/hr in the absence of any changes being made. If a change is made to the database (such as by an email being converted to an action), by default it will sync 1 minute later. The problem is really on the mobile end, which doesn't know to sync again if you aren't actively making changes. If you have reason to suspect there might be something new, you can tap the sync button manually, of course. Note that you have the same problem in the other direction if you have been making changes on iPod/iPad/iPhone the desktop doesn't know to sync sooner, so it doesn't necessarily pick up those changes right away.

It is possible to configure OmniFocus (mobile or desktop) to have a shorter or longer period between syncs, and to change the period between a change being made and the next sync. See this post for details.

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