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Well I think that entering a task with a certain date but without the need of specifying time should be essential.

I don't always want to get reminders with every task. But in most cases I like to specify a due date.
Go to Preferences > Data and enter 12:00am for Default time for Due Dates. This will cause tasks due on whatever date to be colored your due date color—assigned in Preferences > Styles—when the clock strikes midnight and the due date arrives. I imagine this should meet your needs, since if a developer disallows user configuration of due time, the developer generally assigns a default due time of 12am, the beginning of a day. If you'd like for the task color to change at the end of the due date, just set the default time to 11:59pm.

If you would rather not see the Growl reminders, go to System Preferences > Growl > Applications > OmniFocus and click Configure. Click Notifications and disable some or all of the notification types (Back-up created, Clipping added to Inbox, Task Available, Task Due Soon, Task Overdue) from the drop-down Notifications menu.

(If you have a staggeringly efficient review system and prefer to not even see a visual color reminder indicating a due task, configure the past due task color in Perferences > Styles to match your main task color).