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It appears that Syncing between OmniFocus & iCal is only syncing the OmniFocus actions to iCal actions.

What I'd like to do is sync iCal events to OmniFocus.

The calendar is great for things / appointments that must be done at a time. However, I also have actions in OmniFocus that must be done by a date.

If I could sync iCal events to OmniFocus, then I could just look at OmniFocus for things that must be done, and not iCal & OmniFocus. I'd still use iCal for scheduling events, but having those events appear in omnifocus with start time and end times would be a nice way for me to view all must do's. And complete calendar events in OmniFocus.

Hopefully I'm missing something in the iCal sync. Anyone know if this can be done or if someone has written an applescript to do this?