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I'm using Omnifocus Mac syncing with Omnifocus iPhone over Bonjour. I'm trying to sort out some strange behavior when I try to adjust project order in Planning view on either platform. I'd like to understand some issues to help me figure this out.

1) Am I supposed to be able to rely on drag& drop project reordering? Dragging someday/maybes around seems like a good way to plan how soon I'll get to various ones.

2) If I drag projects in a folder around in Omnifocus iPhone, is that order supposed to sync over to Omnifocus Mac? I would think that's the idea, but right now I'm looking at a folder on the two versions that are ordered differently and hitting sync makes no difference. (Mac: Project filter = remaining, all the rest "un" or "any"; iPhone: show "Remaining")

3) When I drag projects around on the Mac, am I only allowed to do that in the sidebar? When I look over in the right panel, the projects have handles and I can drag them up & down, but when I release the handle, the project usually (not always) pops back into the original position.

I'd sure appreciate some feedback on these issues.