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1) Am I supposed to be able to rely on drag& drop project reordering? Dragging someday/maybes around seems like a good way to plan how soon I'll get to various ones.
2) If I drag projects in a folder around in Omnifocus iPhone, is that order supposed to sync over to Omnifocus Mac? I would think that's the idea, but right now I'm looking at a folder on the two versions that are ordered differently and hitting sync makes no difference. (Mac: Project filter = remaining, all the rest "un" or "any"; iPhone: show "Remaining")
Yes, it will sync. It's important to understand that both the iPhone and the Mac need to sync (in that order) for the change made on the iPhone to appear on the Mac. So, sync the iPhone, wait for the dial to stop spinning, sync the Mac, and the change should appear. Normally, the app syncs 1 minute after you make a change, and hourly thereafter. The sync pushes any local changes to the central repository, and pulls any changes at the central repository to the local copy. Each copy of OmniFocus is syncing independently with the central repository. It's good practice to sync a device when you are done using it, and when you start using it.

Now, I see you are using the Bonjour syncing, which in my experience gives OmniFocus on the Mac a little nudge when a change comes in from elsewhere. It can do that because it is hosting the 'central' repository itself. Perhaps that mechanism isn't working for you (I haven't experienced that myself, but that isn't the sync method I normally use). I would try tapping the sync button on the Mac to see if anything changes. I would also call up the Omni support group tomorrow and ask them why it might not be working: 800-315-6664 or +1-206-523-4152 depending on your location. 10-5 PST/PDT.

3) When I drag projects around on the Mac, am I only allowed to do that in the sidebar? When I look over in the right panel, the projects have handles and I can drag them up & down, but when I release the handle, the project usually (not always) pops back into the original position.
Yes, to rearrange projects in a different order, you drag the sidebar contents, not the outline contents. To rearrange the contents of projects, you drag the outline contents. The order in which projects appear in the outline is dependent on your view bar settings, and with many of those settings (the ones that order by date, for example) it would not make sense to allow manual rearrangement of the projects.