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I realize that OG5 is just now hitting the street, so some of its new features might not be entirely set yet.

One of my favorite new additions is subgraphs; for large diagrams where everything needs to stay on the same canvas, but not everything needs to be visible at once, this will be a great help.

Unless I'm missing something, at the moment whatever styles are defined for the "group" in its collapsed state apply to the "enclosing" shape when the subgraph is expanded.

I was wondering if it would be possible to include an option so that different styles could be applied to the shape when its in the two states. When I have a branch of a diagram "collapsed" I do want some visual indication that there's more content to be revealed. But when I expand that area, I'd rather have the encompassing shape disappear (no stroke, no fill) so that the content of the graph better integrates into the whole diagram (e.g. showing/hiding branches of a diagram or concept map).

Along with that, it might be nice to have a new action type that can expand or collapse subgraphs. That way, the "collapsed" shape could trigger its own expansion, and a certain shape in the subgraph could be used to trigger the collapse.

Thanks for so many great products.