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Adding URLs in quick entry seems a little more difficult than it should be, but perhaps I am missing something:

1. Generic example: I am browsing Craigslist and see a job posting that I want to apply for.

2. I have an extisting project apply for jobs, context office:computer

3. I fire up the quick entry, and drag the URL from Safari's URL bar to the quick entry.

4. Only the title of the positing appears.

5. OK, now I drag it again to the notes field. Voila! URL appears.

6. I attempt to Tab to project and context, but I end up tabbing within Safari

7. I am forced to click into the Quick Entry box, with brings OF forward, hiding Safari.

8. I enter project and context

9. I find my safari window, and keep browsing.

I am missing something, or it this the only way to accomplish this task in OF?

Edit: Yikes, I thought I was starting a new thread rather than replying, sorry for the hijack....