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Update: I think the first issue is a placeholder for preview code.

For the second issue: you can comment out that line if you don't need to do anything for that event. I'm not sure what was triggering it.

Finally: looks like the cursor issue is a known issue: text that I enter past the "window" that requires scrolling is hard to "get to". I can see it but can't edit it or scroll to it when editing.

Related issue: I can create new Docs and Hello.rtf opens OK, but Midsummer does not load. It shows up OK in XCode in the project.

Error is: ASSERT failed: requires 'ctx->fromView.hidden == YES', at /Users/Shared/username/Products/OmniGroup/Frameworks/OmniUI/iPad/OUIToolbarViewController.m:303

looks like it fails to hide the view, and in the App, the view does fail to hide... the cursor moves around the document and keyboard shows as if the document is displayed (behind the view that was not hidden correctly)

Good code so far! Thanks for sharing.