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I'm a software developer (C++, Unix background) and I'm starting to explore the capabilities of carbon, cocoa and the xcode IDE.

I've just been exploring the OmniPlan application as I thought it might be useful for me --- I really need a scheduling tool that allows me to allocate instructors to courses, that presents a complete yearly plan. OmniPlan seems to do many cool things, but this is a bit out of its scope. However, I really like the way OmniPlan looks: the calendar view with cool blobs for tasks over durations (which can be resized and moved directly), and changes in the viewing range (day, week, month, quarter, etc).

So my question is how was it built: carbon or cocoa (in fact, which should one use, it seems that carbon gives more control for more work but is older). What frameworks and/or graphical widgets are available to make the lozenge shaped blobs?

I just had a tour of the standard widget sets (for both carbon and cocoa), and I've come to the unfortunate conclusion that I'll have to build my own from quartz 2D. Is this correct.


-- dave