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Okay, for future reference, found the info.

Last time someone had this behavior, they had a couple of defaults options set which specifically override whatever behavior the System Preferences pane had specified. OmniOutliner is dutifully respecting those defaults commands.

Specifically, they had these settings active:

NSNegativeCurrencyFormatString = "-$9,999.00";
NSPositiveCurrencyFormatString = "$9,999.00";

If you want to remove those settings, you can do so with the following steps:

Open the Terminal application (from your Utilities folder).
Enter each of the following two commands - you want everything between the quotes, but not the quotes. Hit Return after each command.

"defaults remove NSGlobalDomain NSNegativeCurrencyFormatString"
"defaults remove NSGlobalDomain NSPositiveCurrencyFormatString"

Once you do that, OmniOutliner should behave as expected; you may need to relaunch it if you had it running when you entered the terminal commands.

Let me know if you have any questions about this!

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