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Hello coding-people :)

To put it first, I have no idea of scripting/coding so I can not say if what I thought of is doable and/or worth the effort it might take to make it happen.

What I would love to have is a script that runs with OF for Mac. It should do one simple thing: if you assign a specific context to an action the script should automatically add a predefined tag in front of the action description (followed by a space to make it look decent).


I create action "Rob's feedback about project pegasus". I assign my context "waiting for" to this action. The script notices that the action is in the "waiting for"-context-group and adds a [Waiting] in front of the action title. End result: "[Wait] Rob's feedback about project pegasus".

Ideally the script was flexible enough so I could add more tags linked to other contexts if need be. It would also be preferable if the script would run whenever an action is assigned another context so if I, for example, move an already existing action from context "call" to context "waiting for", the script would automatically detect that and add the [Wait] tag.

Not knowing if that is at all possible but if it is it would be perfect if the script would also remove the tag if I assign a context that is not listed in the script.

Why am I asking for this? Well, in the iPad version's timeline-view it shows my actions due today. In the subtitle is shows the project the action belongs to, yet unfortunately not which context has been assigned to it. With the script I have in mind there would be a tag in front of specific actions, telling me which context they belong to.

Is that doable?

Thank you in advance!