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Hi first time Omni user here, but computer and IT literate so I'm a little stumped here.

I've just purchased OmniFocus for my Mac and iPhone and I have a bone to pick with the OmniFocus/OmniSync/Calendar integration system.

I easily managed to get my subscribed calendar functioning and events show up in under a minute (just like the website and forums say they should).

I have an issue though that none of my actions that have due dates more than 14 days in the future don't sync over to the subscribed calendar?!?!?!?!?!? So if it is the 10th of January actions that are due beyond 11:59PM on January 24th don't show up!

they are syncing fine to the the phone and from the phone to the computer. They just refuse to transfer to the subscribed .ics file.

I've connected to the OmniSync server and downloaded the .ics file to make sure that they are making it to the file alright, but it only contains 14 days worth of events.

I really wish this is something I knew BEFORE spending $100! I work on several projects that are 4 months+ in length and I like all my events to be in my calendar (even if they are likely to change in the future).

Any help is appreciated,

Disgruntled/Upset/Let down Omni user jkinch