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Curt, who now works for Omni Group, created two scripts "Send to OmniOutline" and "Send All To Omnioutliner" that were very helpful and I think would be great if they could be include in OmniFocus 2.

Both scripts allowed you to exclude unwanted columns from the export view and send the file info to a text file. The scripts allowed for a very clean document.

There currently isn't an option to send "current view" to a .txt file other than to a program called TaskPaper (which doesn't do what I'm suggesting), but i'm still not able to just send the current view without all the dates etc that Omnifocus includes when I'm exporting, even when it's not part of the current view. Curt's scripts mentioned previously does a great job at doing this, even though I have to export to Omni Outliner and then to text file.

If you all can some how makes this a permanent feature of OmniFocus 2, I, and many others, would really appreciate it.