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Sync OmniFocus with SwissDisk (on the fly encryption) for secure sync'ing.

1) Go to
2) Make a new account. (you get 50mB free storage space. This is plenty for OF)
3) Make a note of your new password
4) to mount the disk at startup - click on your Mac's desktop
5) Press Command-K (menu Go>Connect to server )
6) Under "server address" type<username>
7) click "Connect" button. You will be asked to enter your username and password as you connect. Store your password in your keychain when prompted.
8) Go to "System Preferences " under the Apple menu in Finder
9) Click on your account. Then above the picture for your account click on "Login" tab
10) In the dialogue box click on "+" sign. A dialogue box will appear. In the left hand column scroll down until you find the mounted swissdisk you have created, and select it, then click the "Add" button. Now check the little box in the dialogue box next to your disk if you want to hide the window on startup.

11) To set up your swissdisk for Omnifocus, now go to the application OmniFocus: go to following menu: Omnifocus>Preferences
12) Click on orange Sync tab
13) Click on Disk tab. This is to connect to the generic WebDave disk you have created with swissdisk.
14) Click on the "Choose " button
15) Now, in the dialogue box, select the mounted swissdisk in the left hand column similar to what you did above
16) you will see /Volumes/<name of mounted swissdisk> in the little location box
17) click on the "Sync now" button for your initial sync with your Mac computer.
18) for your iPad and iPhone set up Sync on those devices to your new swissdisk sync and you should be all set.

Hope this helps you set up your secure swissdisk sync. No one will be able to access your private OmniFocus data because it is completely encrypted on your swissdisk.