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Purchased software - my dearest app yet! - wrote up project and then searched for output tab. Mmmmmmmm does not exist, or is so well hidden I can't find it. Not happy Ken.
In the project list, tap on the Edit button (top right corner), then select a document by tapping on it, and tap the "Send To" button (top left corner). Choose how you'd like to send the document (by email, to another app, or to a printer), then choose exactly what you'd like to send:
  • OmniPlan a copy of the original document
  • Canvas Gantt a one-page PDF of the Gantt chart
  • Paginated Gantt a multi-page PDF of the Gantt chart
  • Task Report an HTML report with details about every task
  • Resource Report an HTML report of each resource and their task assignments

I hope this helps, and I'm sorry the export options weren't easier to find!