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After a stint with diligent use of OF on all three platforms (desktop, iPhone, iPad), I am moving toward just using the desktop + iPad versions. This idea got me thinking. Is anyone else making this kind of transition too? Or are some folks seeing absolute advantages to have OF on all three platforms that perhaps I am missing?

My overall question is, how do you use the OF Suite of Three (desktop, iPhone, iPad)? Do you diligently use all three? Do you work well or even entirely with just a combination of only two platforms and, if so, which two? Finally, if you use only one platform, which one and what do you find missing? An underlying presumption in this questions is that you happen to have all three platforms at hand (i.e., you are not limited to the iPhone-only version because you use Windows and have no iPad). So, for example, I am less interested in comments along the lines of how the iPhone version entirely by itself is mostly useless to develop new workflows.

Ultimately, I have begun to realize that, having a GTD tool with me everywhere I go on every device I own is not the be-all and end-all of stress-free life for me. Indeed, almost the opposite has been true. I find a distinct comfort anymore in the fact that I don't always have such tools immediately at hand, just as in the old days when all I had were cave walls and charcoal. :-)