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My iPhone is my day-to-day GTD tool. I use my Mac for weekly review and larger-scale shuffling of tasks and projects--it's surprisingly rare for me to enter an item on the Mac. In fact if I'm doing something else on my Mac and have a thought, I'm likely to grab my phone and enter it. Weird, but there it is; no point in going to a lot of trouble to break a harmless habit.

I very rarely use OmniFocus on my iPad, but that's mainly because I make the most use of my iPad when I'm traveling without my Mac, and those trips are rarely long enough for a weekly review. If they were, I'd use the iPad (with the keyboard in its case) for the weekly review.

However, part of the reason behind this was that there was no point in using both phone and iPad while away from the Mac, because I was determinedly holding out and doing syncing through the Mac, so they'd get out of sync with each other. I finally gave up and turned on cloud syncing a few weeks ago, so we'll see if my habits change at all.