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Until OF2 for me it was...
Mac - planning and editing, focused views in perspective locations for the 'do' part.
iPad - review, reference (esp. in meetings for chasing others actions)
Phone - capture (often via Siri), ticking off errands as completed.

With OF2 review is more likely on the mac, but there is still merit (for me anyway) of using the ipad to step through each project and the mac (with decent keyboard) for editing when the review triggers actions.

I use a day book in meetings to capture actions & ideas, which then get processed into OmniFocus later. I use a variant of the approach shown at For many years I used an generic A4 (letter) book but have found that the leuchtturm1977 A5 books are infinitely better (and lighter to carry).

At the start of the day I pick my three core actions and my 'task of the day' and record these in the day book. This works better for me than ticking stuff off in OmniFocus during the day.