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I also have all three. unfortunately I cannot use a Mac for work, so I use them as below

* Mac - Setting up Perspectives, looking at project based perspectives, Less than 5% of total time in Ominfocusland.

* iphone - Adding Tasks on the go, notification of location based tasks, less than 5% of total time in Ominfocusland.

* iPad - Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reviews, working on tasks, adding new tasks, forecasting and planning. More than 90% of the time.

I find OF 1 for Mac confusing to use, probably as much due to the lack of time I spend in it as to the lacking functionality around Review and Forcasting and the the outdated UI. However OF2 is far easier to use and if I could use a Mac for work, I would be migrating to OF2 asap.

I love the iPad version, and the sooner the UI on it can reflect OF2 for Mac, the better it will be.