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I've been trying out the trail version of OmniGraffle 5 for a couple of days and have run into two questions that needs to be solved before I decide to buy a license.

Issue 1
I need to be able to create unique ID numbers to be shown above each and every wireframe screen (See attached image) that I make - to make it easier to identify what screen I'm talking about with my customer. I've been searching intensively on the net to find an answer but without result. My conclusion is that there isn't any predefined Variable such as <%ShapeID%> that I can place as a label within the shape.

If you expand the Layer List view (sidebar) and select the "Move object" layout - you will be able to se a number infront of each and every object/shape that you've put on the Canvas (See attached image). That number seams to be unique (as an identifier) being able to grab that number and "print" it on the screen would be satisfying indeed.

In Visio this is possible through writing a simple Macro - what about OmniGraffle?

Does anyone know how to grab this ID number OR know How I could create a unique ID number and "publish" it (show it) on the screen?

Issue 2
I have several nodes (in my case several mobile screen mock-ups on the same canvas) that I want to connect to each other. When I drag a arrow-line (connector) between nodes far away from each other with one or several screens between - the connector-line is placed upon/above the screens between (See attached image). I would like the connector-line to be "intelligent" and avoid crossing screen's (objects) on it's way to the destination - is this possible.
Once again: Visio provides these types of "intelligent" connectors - that automatically changes the path of the connector-line as it reaches for it's destination point.

Does anyone know if there is a solution to this issue?

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