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Trying to get Omnifocus on Mac and on iPhone to sync. Both are 1.9. Have signed up for Omni Sync Server and using it on Mac.

1. I ask Omnifocus 1.9 on my Mac to "Send Settings"

2. Email is created that looks like this:
Tap the following link to configure your OmniFocus sync location.

That link isn't tap-able on iphone.

3. I suspect the problem is the mis-coded triple forward slash above, so I strip out the third slash. The link isn't tap-able on iphone.

4. I suspect problem is also the leading GT / trailing LT. I remove those. Now link IS tap-able...

5. Tap on the link switches the app in focus from mail to Omnifocus, but does nothing to establish sync settings. Omnifocus on iPhone is none the wiser for the tap.

So, would someone kindly advise on what could be munging this process?

Much obliged!