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Ok, good to hear that. That will address the global to section scope issue, but I think my video brings up several other issues.

1) Scope change selector - being addressed like you said

These still are issues:

2) Changing search between sections still requires twice as many clicks, mostly because of the following two points:

3) Search should refresh as soon as you start typing new query on top of old query. Right now you have to manually click the x or delete whereas you could just start typing over old results immediate in oo3. This is an unnecessary extra step.

4a) If I jump to a new section/scope and want to search the same query as is already in the box I should be able to just press Enter and have it re-search the current section. I don't understand why I have to delete and retype the same exact query over to re-search in the new section/scope.

4b) If the user has changed their position in the document since the last search was done, the search results section should show where the last search query was scoped. If I did a search in a focused section, then navigate to the whole document and go back to the search much later I have no idea if it is looking at the local or global scope. This is one reason it's taken me so long to do this writeup about the search, I had no idea about this automatic search scope changing and could not figure out why I was only getting matches some of the time and not others. I've figured it out now but this is an extremely unclear interface behavior.

5) Clicking on the search button should put the cursor in the search box even if the cursor is inside a row at the time (I cover this at the end of the video). In oo4 the cursor doesn't move to the search box when the cursor is in the document and this makes no sense. If you click the search button you obviously want to type something in the search box immediately.