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Ever since I destroyed location-based Contexts (office, home, etc) in favor of effort/mindset Contexts, I have been searching for the right set of 'mindsets' for me. Right now I use something along the lines of short focus, full focus, low effort, etc. These have naturally begun to breakdown into thinking, planning, writing, referencing, etc. But I got to thinking.. has anyone tried using project progress stages as contexts?

The thought of using my Context view to not only identify which actions I need to work on, but also what 'state' my various projects are in is rather appealing. I'm envisioning a 'cascade' of progress stages. Let me elaborate. The life of each of my projects pretty much follows this pattern:

1) inspiration (from a thought, an assignment, whatever)
2) thinking/brainstorming (just thinking, maybe mind mapping, jotting notes)
3) planning (diagraming, maybe a project proposal or something)
4) research (fetching information)
5) producing/work/processing/needbettername (coding, writing, the "meat" of this sandwich)
6) reporting (writing reports, summaries, committing changes, etc)
7) finishing (any other final tasks that allow this to be filed under 'done')

Then my context view lists all my available tasks, by Context (phage), in linear order. If lots ideas are coming in but not getting much further, then it's obvious they are 'bunching' and I need to spend some time processing them to the next phase. If a lot of projects are lingering in the closing phases, then it's time to do some finishing, etc.

It's an idea I might play with. Anyone have any input/suggestions/thoughts? Please do share!