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Last night, I enabled syncing between my desktop Mac and iBook using MobileMe as the sync server. It seemed to be working fine until an hour ago when I logged out and back in.

At launch, OmniFocus reported twice (in rapid succession):
"" requires authentication.
Each time, I entered my username and password and checked Remember in Keychain.

About five minutes ago, it asked again, twice, and I dutifully obeyed. And then, while I was starting to write this note, it asked AGAIN!

I took a break from writing to Cancel the authentication -- an exclamation point appeared in the Sync button. So I pushed Sync again. This time I got to fill in the dialog three times.

I can completely understand that MobileMe may be misbehaving right now and failing to authenticate. If that's the case, OmniFocus should at least be honoring my request and use my username and password from my keychain.

The sync at 4:12 PM apparently worked. Let's see what happens at 5:12 PM.

[submitted as formal feedback]