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Hello all

I have a bit of strange problem when clipping messages from Mail 2.1 in OS 10.4.11.

I'm using the Clip-o-Tron plug-in, which is generally absolutely beautiful, but for certain messages the plug-in is pasting in the text of the message to the task as an attachment. I get all the usual header details (from, to, subject etc), but then the actual email text is just a file, which I have to double click and open in Safari to read.

When I drag this file onto the desktop, it shows the title 'mime-attachment.textClipping'. This doesn't happen with every message, but it is an increasing number and is a bit frustrating - I can workaround it by physically selecting the message text and then clipping, but I don't get the email header and of course this makes Clip-o-Tron redundant. Generally when I want to use Clip-o-Tron, it's not just as a reminder; there is information in the email on which I need to act, so not being able to see it quickly is quite inconvenient.

Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else experienced this, and is there anything I can do about it?

Any suggestions very welcome.

Thanks, Jo

ps. in general, absolutely love OF - was using iGTD before, and although a lot of the features are similar, OF feels much easier to use, has more advanced universal integration, and also syncs better with iCal, and therefore my Palm (I constantly had problems getting iGTD to sync, and OF worked instantly). Yippee! ;-)