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Anna, note that a new iPhone is widely expected to be revealed next month. (That's the rumor; last year the iPhone 5 was introduced in September; the year before the 4S was introduced in October; earlier models were introduced earlier in the year.) When the new model comes out, the lower-cost iPhone options will presumably also change, whether that be current models getting pushed down the line as has happened in the past, or new low-end options being introduced as is currently rumored on some sites. (If you really want the 4/4S body style, the latter might be a bad thing from your perspective.) If you need the phone now, you need it now, but if you don't, holding off for a month might be worthwhile.

The only thing I can think of offhand that might appreciably impact use of OmniFocus is that Siri is supported on the 4S but not on the 4; some people use Siri to add events to OmniFocus.
I can't readily think of any other functionality OmniFocus has on the 4S has that it doesn't have on the 4, but no promises - people on the OmniFocus team might be aware of something that I'm overlooking. The 4S is faster (both a faster CPU and faster cellular data - for certain service providers, if supported in your location), has a better camera, and supports low-power Bluetooth. Apple's spec page claims a few other differences, like some mixed differences in battery performance between the two, the 4S supporting FaceTime over cellular whereas 4 only supports it on wifi, and video stabilization on the 4S.

Other issues aside, a higher-end model will probably be supported by iOS further into the future; that may not be compelling, especially if you upgrade phones pretty frequently, but something to keep in mind.