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Hi all,
I hope I can tap into the group wisdom.

I have organized my projects and have assigned due dates for them, and I have a due dates perspective. I find this perspective useful when I set up small and very clear deadlines, e.g. 3-5 to do things for the next week.

The problem with this perspective is that when I look into what's due for the next month or the next three months, it offers not only the project due date but also all tasks associated with it. I need a cleaner view. I'd like to be able to see a list of due dates of the projects or the tasks which have a due date not the tasks which have no due date.

I've worked around this by making a task within the project: e.g. prep a draft w/ a due date. But is there any way to see only the list of projects only with their due dates and not the tasks associated with it (I am ok if those to do items show which have a deadline but I do not want to see the rest)?

Currently my Due perspective is set up in this way:
Grouping: Due
Sorting: Projects
Availability Filter: Remaining
Filter Status: Any Status
Estimated Time Filter: Any Duration

I'd appreciate your feedback.