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I generally use the "park it in the inbox" method for stuff I want to get done in a short timeframe. I've got mine set up to not file actions that don't have both a project and a context; that lets me clean up without moving these items out of the inbox.

For stuff I don't want to lose track of but don't plan to do soon, I have a small number of special purpose single action lists. ("Books I should read", for example.) I also have one catch-all "Miscellaneous" project.

If your goal is to capture things that take more than 2 minutes but less than, say, 15 minutes, you can set the estimated time field and then set up a perspective that sorts on that basis.

You may also find some useful ideas if you search the forums for threads with "Tickler" in the title. I *think* this link will do that for you. :-)