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After what, 2 years?, I'm beginning to see how to get the best out of OF and am nearly finished re-designing my context list and re-assigning my project/action matrices.

I have a lot of items in there, and the program is sluggish so I want to clear out inactive, completed, or simply informational items

A key priority is how to get these items out of OF into a suitable database so I'm looking for directions from the panel.

I need an OSX app that will assign these items to categories. and will also allow some sort of linkage to OF so that when I look up, say, the next vehicle service, I can then easily find the previous service history on the other app.

I'd love to use a second OF, but I lived with a dual OF for a year while struggling with the UK tax collector and while it did a good job, was fiddly to launch both databases concurrently. I'm not sure what happens with the backups when both are open, either. In any case, TPTB say that OF isn't really designed for multiple 'bases.

So - suggestions for a linkable DB, please? ( Or point me to a previous discussion where this has been well covered)