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Multiple contexts would be extremely helpful for dealing with time, for example if you regularly need to phone people in other time zones. The typical context of 'phone' is only partially helpful; best would be a combination like 'phone+atlantic', 'phone+gmt'.

A subcontext (e.g. 'phone:atlantic') is also only a partial solution. You might also need to IM people in other timezones as well, and shouldn't need to enter a duplicate set of time-related subcontexts. I can also think of other time contexts like 'business hours', 'evening', and 'weekend' which I'd like to add as a second context to many of my tasks.
Your example appears to be thinking in terms of context1 AND context2, which could be handled using sub-contexts (with appropriate duplication). I could live with repeating some sub-contexts as needed.

However, I wonder if the OP was thinking in terms of context1 OR context2? Here's a perfect example- I need to "Talk to Frank about new contract" which I could do in person (ideal) while in the "Office" or on the "Phone" (if needed). That way, if I'm NOT in the office, but the deadline for talking to Frank is approaching I can see instantly in my Phone context I might need to make that call. And this allows me to rely on the filtering without worry (lose focus) about actions assigned to other contexts that I MIGHT do now.

Now, I don't want a context "Frank" because too many contexts (IMO) is the enemy of good GTD. I can see value in the multiple context approach...