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Well, I have many tasks with future start dates, because I have virtually everything in my todo list. To give you a concrete example: one task is to file my travel reimbursement. The moment after I filed the form, I add a task "check reimbursement received" with a start date of +3w. Then in three weeks, the task will pop up, I check whether I received the reimbursement and then I check it off. Unfortunately I have many such "reminder" tasks, "control" tasks, and management tasks.

Other tasks are of this type: "draft xmas presents list". I thought of that task last week, but I don't want to have it visible before October, so I simply set the start date to Oct. 1.

The "due soon" view only partially solves the problem, because then I cannot use any other category for grouping. Seeing a day count instead of a date in "start" and "end" would help a lot.