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Is this really true? If you have multiple Macs, you can't use the MobileMe sync option?
You definitely can use MobileMe in that case - I should have been more clear. What you _can't_ do is use the Disk option in OmniFocus syncing preferences to sync to a local iDisk. (The confusion is partly because our MobileMe syncing actually uses WebDAV - the only distinction from our separate WebDAV syncing is that the MobileMe case is simpler to configure because we already know the server name and specifics, and on the Mac we can look up your MobileMe account information as you specified it in System Preferences.)

As whpalmer4 says, you can find out if you have a locally-synced iDisk by going into the MobileMe settings in System Preferences, clicking on the iDisk tab, and looking at the bottom to see if it says iDisk Sync is On or Off. If it is on, then that ever-present iDisk icon in the Finder is for a local mirror of your iDisk, and when OS X syncs between MobileMe and your local iDisk mirror it can (probably will) corrupt your OmniFocus document if it has been changed both locally and on the server.