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This is great! (At least until a more robust solution is in place - the current cropping process doesn't make sense to me.)

For those of us that didn't know anything about scripting in OmniGraffle until this post, here's how you make it work:
  1. First, you need to activate the Script Menu first. Launch AppleScript Utility, located inside AppleScript folder. You'll find it in /Applications/AppleScript/AppleScript Utility.
  2. Then, put the downloaded script in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniGraffle Pro (drop the Pro if you're using the Standard edition), where ~ is your home folder.
  3. Finally, while OmniGraffle is open, just click the Scripts menu (it shows up as a scroll icon on the right side of the menu bar) and choose the 'crop image' script.