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The recent thread: "establishing a routine" ('for moving through contexts') inspired me to update my weekly review Project here, which includes a number of Actions that are to 'run through' various Perspectives as part of my WR. In case this is of any help, here it is (obviously anyone using it would modify it to suit their needs). The first three Action Group titles are from David Allen, as well as a few Action titles (Empty my head, Think creatively, etc.). Get David Allen's Weekly Review template free here (requires a login):

In the Notes field of Actions like: "Bring computer "in" folder to zero." (from Ethan Schoonover's Kinkless Desktop) , I've placed an alias of that folder, for convenience of opening (those folders are not shown in this text list).

The Project is set to a weekly repeating cycle corresponding to my WR date/time. I don't check it off however; I just re-set the date. (I've put in a request for an optional behavior to mark a repeating Action or Project as complete, reset the date, but don't keep a copy of the completed Action or Project.)

There are four Action Groups. The indented lines are Actions.

Perspective routines calling up other Perspectives can be a very powerful tool. I also look forward to a future enhancement of being able to open a Perspective from an alias(?) in an OF Notes field.


Project: *Weekly review is completed
[Notes: Alias to davidco Weekly Review template]

Get clear
Bring email inbox(es) to zero.
Bring email sent mail to zero.
Collect loose paperwork and put in inbox.
Bring physical inbox to zero.
Bring computer "in" folder to zero.
Bring computer "out" folder to zero.
Bring Downloads folder to zero.
Bring Mail Downloads folder to zero.
Bring OmniFocus Inbox to zero.
Empty my head.
Get current
Clean up Jott entries (transfer, and delete from server).
Review calendar past and future items.
Work through "Next Review" OF Perspective.
Review "Due Soon" OF Perspective.
Review "Flagged" OF Perspective.
Review "IMPORTANT: Due Soon & Flagged" OF Perspective.
Review waiting fors: "WF" OF Perspective.
Review "WF" computer folder.
Review "WF" email folder.
Get creative
Run through Someday OF Perspective.
Run through Maybe OF Perspective.
Think creatively, and add any useful things to my systems.
Closing work
Empty computer trash (Finder: cmd-shift-delete).
Empty email deleted messages (Mail: cmd-k, then 'enter' to confirm).
Set new due date and time for next weekly review.
Celebrate completion!

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