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If this looks like a bug report, it isn't really, it is a feature request.

I'm running Sneaky Peek 5.10.2 sneaky peek (v622.11.0.138602) (2010-09-22 13:28:26) on Snow Leopard, and it crashes, and the report that OmniCrashCatcher throws together contains phrases like this:

" 0 -- 0x00917b1a -- Fat files must contain at least two architectures. "

where for crashes in a previous (non Sneaky Peek) OmniWeb, I'd be seeing a per-thread stacktrace.

Well, yes, whatever it is that is causing the crash should be fixed, and whatever is supposed to be obtaining the stacktraces should be fixed, and whatever is saying "Fat files" could be updated to say "Universal files". Assuming it's a piece of Omni technology like OmniMachO.framework that's got that string in it, and not /usr/lib/dyld or some such.

But ... having had a quick poke about using /usr/bin/file , it seems that the Sneaky Peek I'm running is built for ppc and i386. Could not OmniWeb be built fatter, beg pardon more Universal, eg for for x86_64 or even ppc64?

[yes, ppc64 is dead loss unless you are likely running 10.5 Server, but what the heck.]