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The default project (Miscellaneous) is a hindrance to good workflow, because
it behaves like a second inbox.

I have multiple single-action "projects", one for each folder. When I enter a new item in context view, it typically jumps around to place itself in the Misc. project. 9 times out of 10, I am entering a follow-up to an item I am about to check off. Sure, I can command-option-R to get to the project, but why bother if I don't need to. The other 10% of the time I'm entering a new item which can go in the inbox. Sure I can pop up the quick entry, but why enforce that modal behavior if there is no need.

The ideal behavior would be to have a new entry stay where entry was begun until the entry is complete, i.e., any project is entered. If no project is entered, it should go to the inbox. If that can't be done, then there should at least be the option in preferences of putting entries with no project entered into the inbox.

I've sent this as a feature request to the support ninjas. Anybody else with similar thoughts (or a good workaround)?