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I work in technology consulting and have OmniFocus on. My Mac, iPad and iPhone. I make a lot of entries to make calls to client contacts and suppliers and would be an extremely happy chappie if once my call is due, I am able to make the call from within the app and not have to navigate away from it, launch my address book, search for the contact and then dial - is this possible or in development at the moment?
Setting it up that way is a lot of work, though, if you compare it to using LaunchBar, Alfred, or even Spotlight to call up the information almost immediately.

I can get a phone # in about 1/2 second with Launchbar by just typing command-space and then 3 characters of the name, and hitting right arrow to get all the contacts phone #'s. It's faster than expanding the notes and viewing the info in OmniFocus, for certain.