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I am using OmniGraffle Pro as a visual file manager come note book. At present if I wish to add a link to a file I have two options.

Option 1 is to create a graphic, select it open the inspector and drag the target file from the finder to the inspector; it works but is a little slow especially if the inspector hides and OG has the reselected.

Option 2 is to use the Folder Import option which is started by dragging a folder from the finder to the Omnigraffle icon, I accept the option of a new canvas and after a moment a folder map is added with nice icon based graphics all linked back to the original files and labeled with the original file names. Next I select all the connection lines and delete them, then I add the file graphics to my diagram.

While option 2 works I would like to be able to create the graphics, without the linking lines, based on files I have selected in a dialog. I would also like the file names to be added as notes rather than labels. In short I need an AppleScript script. Does anyone have one I could use as the basis of a new script to save me starting from scratch?

best wishes