Thread: Activity log?
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Has this been discussed at all? I can't search for "log" because it has too few letters.

I'm thinking of a linear chronological list of user actions, something like this:

2007-11-20 15:25:26 New project "Clean Garage"
2007-11-20 15:25:27 New item "Organize tools"
2007-11-20 15:25:29 Moved "Organize Tools" under "Clean Garage"
2007-11-20 17:11:29 Checked off "Organize Tools" under "Clean Garage"
2007-11-20 17:11:29 Unchecked "Organize Tools" under "Clean Garage"
Mostly I'd like to see checking and unchecking actions, for the last few days. It seems OF keeps track of this info already.

This would be useful for short-term reviews and for double-checking what happened after "fat-fingering" .. I.e., there are so many moving parts sometimes I just want to make sure I didn't accidentally check something off or unflag something, or move something under another project.