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this should work:

	set thepath to "/Users/wblj/myfolder/" as string
	-- go take a look at the front doucment:
	set thedoc to document 1
	-- go get the user-specified filename from the column title:
	set thetitle to title of column 2 of thedoc
	--save the file
	save thedoc in (thepath & thetitle)
	--if the file is already saved as something, then "save" will do a "save to" instead of "save as"
	--so you'll need to close the old file and open the new one
	close thedoc
	open (thepath & thetitle & ".oo3")
The issue is that the normal AS "save" command does a "save as" if it's an untitled document and "save to" otherwise. So if you use this script on a new unsaved file, you can omit the last two lines that close and open the new document. But if you're trying to rename the file, you'll need those last lines.