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I notice that there is some tension, at least in documentation, between the concept of "stalled" projects (as in the project view sidebar filter) and that of "projects where the number of available tasks is 0" as in the OF 1.8 Applescript library.

An applescript search for "projects where the number of available tasks is 0" currently yields 25 matches in my database.

In contrast, clearing all other filters and activating the sidebar "stalled" filter only yields 2 matching projects.

It turns out that projects where the number of available tasks is 0 finds projects which simply have no actions, are marked as completed, are on hold, or are dropped. I find this useful, and a good match for the OF help file's account of "stalled" which is "projects without any available actions"

The sidebar "stalled" filter, however, seems to implement a much less inclusive definition of what "lacks available actions" - in my database it is only finding the two projects assigned to a context which has been placed on hold. It misses many of the projects identified by the applescript property as having no available tasks. I personally find this less useful.

Is this difference by design ?

If so, perhaps there is room for a slightly more specific definition of "stalled" in the help file ?


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