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In my opinion, projects with contexts or actions on hold are not stalled. A decision has been made on the project to place it on hold. Stalled to me is a project that has no next actions defined. Hence it is stalled because if you are in context mode and working/doing/completing actions, that project will never be completed.

(this has changed slightly because now projects can appear in the context mode)

However, I still consider a project with no actions stalled because there are no actions defined to move the project to completion.

When a project is stalled, one of two things need to happen:
1. Project is complete and should be marked completed.
2. Actions are added to project.

If a project has an action with a future start date, or a context on hold, the project is not stalled because at some future date, that action will become available. The project is still moving forward.

If a project is dropped then it will never be stalled because the user has decided it is no longer in their things to do.

To sum up, a stalled project is a project with 0 non-completed actions.
A stalled action group is an action group with 0 non-completed child actions.